Located in the heart of the Laurentians in Quebec, Saint-Jérôme harmoniously combines nature and culture. Between mountainous landscapes and rivers, the city offers a setting conducive to escape.Its heritage is reflected in its cobbled  streets and period buildings, witnesses of a rich past.

Artistic and cultural life is dynamic with its lively festivals and art galleries. This experience appeals to those passionate about history, the environment and artistic expression, giving the city a unique soul, where each moment reveals a new facet.

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Geminy had the great honor of working closely with the city of Saint-Jérôme to document the incredible efforts of the Saint-Jérôme Police Department. The resulting project truly showcased the city's unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety of its citizens and in recognizing the vital role of law enforcement within the community. Through our collaboration, we were able to capture the true essence of Police Week 2023 and celebrate those who serve and protect us every day. We were amazed by the bravery and commitment of the police officers, and we hope that our project will inspire others to appreciate the sacrifices they make for us.

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