Maison Lavande, nestled in nature amidst vast lavender fields, creates a serene and peaceful environment. Explore the possibility of living harmoniously at a slower pace with handmade lavender products, such as essential oils, luxurious soaps, and skincare. Let Maison Lavande light your journey towards tranquility.

Let yourself be transported on a luxurious journey and awaken your senses with the captivating aroma of true lavender. Maison Lavande invites you to immerse yourself in the embrace of nature and rustic elegance, offering a peaceful escape for all to cherish and appreciate, surrounded by serene beauty.

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Our mission was to capture the inspiring essence of Maison Lavande through a captivating TV commercial. In the midst of their enchanting lavender fields, we created a captivating visual narrative, highlighting the calming atmosphere, therapeutic qualities, and organic beauty of the company. Each shot was meticulously crafted to showcase the magnificence and emotion that Maison Lavande evokes. From breathtaking aerial views to detailed close-ups, our goal was to convey this exceptional experience through the screen, encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in the world of Maison Lavande. Kes Tagney, competent and experienced steadicam operator, was behind the camera for this shoot.


Thanks to the team

Agence Geminy
Conceptualization idealization

Zack Fex
Director and producer

Justin Gadeau
Drone operator

Vincent Collin
Project manager

Ismael Ben M.
Production assistant

Marilou Comeau
Production assistant

Antoine Anctil

Kes Tagney
Steadicam Operator

Rosalie Guay
Assistant director

Samantha Déchêne
Artistic Director

Thomas Bélanger
Camera assistant

William Giroux
Director of Photography

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