Espace Montmorency, a multifunctional gem in the heart of Laval, offers a blend between urbanity and nature. With its bold design, this ambitious 1.3 million square foot project provides a plethora of services, creating a vibrant atmosphere akin to a downtown setting. Residents and visitors enjoy a variety of spaces, from modern offices, retail, to elegant rental accommodations. The proximity to Montmorency metro station eases commutes to Montreal, making Espace Montmorency a convergence point between city life and tranquility, all within an environmentally responsible framework.

Espace Montmorency values innovative urban design and sustainability, aiming for LEED certifications. The project, divided into four phases, promotes a dynamic community with bold architecture. It incorporates smart technology and green spaces to encourage human connection while offering various spaces like offices, restaurants, and accommodations, thus reflecting its commitment towards an enriching and responsible urban experience


Our mandate for Espace Montmorency was to create a residential campaign showcasing living spaces, community warmth, and amenities through photographs. We captured authentic moments highlighting community life and the comfort of residences.

The photos were carefully chosen to reflect the diversity and welcoming atmosphere of the target community. Additionally, some images were used on billboards to enhance the visibility and appeal of the residential complex. This visual approach effectively presented the benefits of living at Espace Montmorency.


Thanks to the team

Marc-Olivier Bécotte

Justin Bisson
Assistant photographe

Manon Jurek
Art Director

Gabbie Mcguire

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