From design to post-production, we offer personalized support to maximize the impact of your content.

Our friendly team is there to guide you through every step of your project and help you create an impactful online presence.

We are attentive to your objectives, your constraints and your aspirations.

At Geminy, we make every effort to offer you a quality, innovative and impactful service.


Zack Fex


Justin Gadeau

Brand manager

Marilou Comeau

Marketing advisor

Vincent Collin

Video editor

Jean-Philippe Charlebois


Florence Jacob

Our Mission

Redefining industry standards, cultivating an innovative ideology and an uncompromising creative approach.

We believe that each company has a unique story to tell and that our role is to magnify it, to sublimate it and to share it with the whole world.

We thrive on challenges, ambitious projects and stimulating partnerships.

Our vision and our values

We are catalysts for the creation of innovative and captivating content that awakens the senses and arouses emotion.

Driven by values of authenticity and commitment to our partners, we shape stories that resonate with our audience.

Our goal is to create projects that inspire, educate and entertain, while leaving a positive imprint on the world around us.

Our Services

Digital &

A unique customer experience, tailor-made, determined to make you shine.

Aerial capture / Drone FPV

Our team combines the expertise of traditional flight and FPV (first person view) to capture stunning images

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Social media

From the start of the analysis, our service supports you by surveying your specific needs. Our strategies, tailored to your goals, ensure unparalleled visual impact.

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Our team captures the perfect moment, freezing the emotion in every frame. Whether it's for your products, services, events or otherwise, our professional photographers have mastered the art of capturing beauty and authenticity.

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Video Editing / Motion Design / Color Processing

Our service accompanies you from the analysis phase. Our cutting-edge service skillfully fuses creativity and innovation from initial concept to final completion.

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Video production

Our team transforms your concepts into visual masterpieces. From design to completion, each step is orchestrated with precision. We offer very high quality video shooting services to promote your products and/or services.

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